Graphic design and art direction


Web design and creative direction. 
Programmed by llos.co.

WITH Connecting Spaces
Catalogue designed while at Cordova Canillas, of projects spanning the course of 4 years between ZHDK’s programs in Zurich and Hong Kong.

Awarded a Gold Cube in publication design in the ADC Awards
and a Wood pencil in book design at the D&AD awards.

Balearic Ensemble - Simplemente Cachonda EP
Album artwork and design

Fucking Young 7 Royal
Editorial design, lettering, and 3D graphics.

Heads Magazine #10
Spread in Heads Magazine.

MOON MAN Yung Thug & Strick, ft. Kid Cudi
Creative direction and title design

Hawaii - Yeek
Art direction, 3D modeling, lettering, and design 

Made in collaboration with Louis Celano and Chris Cadaver.

Away - In Here Out There
Creative direction, research, GAN training, video editing and coloring, and VFX supervision.

Poesia i + 2020 
Creative direction, design, and animation for Fundació Palau’s annual Poetry Festival.

2 Laus de Oro en Publicidad: Publicidad Exterior & Audiovisuales para Marcas

Dreamcast.moe - Lamont EP
Lettering, graphic design, and creative direction. Photography by Joe Cruz.

FAD Design Market
Direction, design, and animation.

Blank Magazine
3D modeling and compositing.

Can’t Surf Quarterly Volume 2
Creative direction, design, lettering, photography.

Wasted Youth - Diana Gordon EP Promo
Creative direction, graphic design, lettering,

MANGO Spring Summer 2021 Digital Campaign
Art direction and design
Photos by Pablo de Pastors