Graphic design and art direction

Mariona Vilanova
Brand identity, design, and web design

Los Feliz 
Logo and identity for Los Feliz’s new brick and mortar in Barcelona.

Broccoli Magazine, Issue 15
Creative direction, art direction, and CGI with Louis Celano. Photography by Berta Pfirsich, set design by Enea Cabanas.

Web design and creative direction. 
Programmed by llos.co.

SIMBOLIC - Casa Batllo de Gaudí
Art direction and graphic design

WITH Connecting Spaces
Catalogue designed while at Cordova Canillas, of projects spanning the course of 4 years between ZHDK’s programs in Zurich and Hong Kong.

Awarded a Gold Cube in publication design in the ADC Awards
and a Wood pencil in book design at the D&AD awards.

Copeland Studio

Brand identity and design

Cristina Junquero
Brand identity, creative direction, and type design. 

Balearic Ensemble - Simplemente Cachonda EP
Album artwork and design

Fucking Young 7 Royal
Editorial design, lettering, and 3D graphics.

Heads Magazine #10
Spread in Heads Magazine.

MOON MAN Yung Thug & Strick, ft. Kid Cudi
Creative direction and title design

Hawaii - Yeek
Art direction, 3D modeling, lettering, and design 

Made in collaboration with Louis Celano and Chris Cadaver.

Away - In Here Out There
Creative direction, research, GAN training, video editing and coloring, and VFX supervision.

Poesia i + 2020
Creative direction, design, and animation for Fundació Palau’s annual Poetry Festival.

2 Laus de Oro en Publicidad: Publicidad Exterior & Audiovisuales para Marcas

Dreamcast.moe - Lamont EP
Lettering, graphic design, and creative direction. Photography by Joe Cruz.

FAD Design Market
Direction, design, and animation.

Blank Magazine
3D modeling and compositing.

Can’t Surf Quarterly Volume 2
Creative direction, design, lettering, photography.

Wasted Youth - Diana Gordon EP Promo
Creative direction, graphic design, lettering,

MANGO Spring Summer 2021 Digital Campaign
Art direction and design
Photos by Pablo de Pastors